Security Systems & CCTVS Project

Security Solutions
In view of the security situation in the world, our presence was important and fruitful. We provided various solutions such as the supply and installation of surveillance cameras, electronic gates, electronic rise arm , electronic doors, and bollard systems 

Telecommunication & Fiber Optic Projects

  1. communication

There is no doubt that the telecommunications sector occupies a high position among the other sectors of the world for its importance among all people through the expansion in the market of telephones and other ways of communication, so we saw that we must be active in this important sector was our company a pioneer in this area Iraq, our company has many projects in this field

  1. Communication tower construction   CMITWRS-910-PRT-10.53-20053.
  2. Communication room   CMITWRS-910-PRT-10.53-20273

water station communication tower CMIT-ICT-10.30-130512